May 26, 2014


Faiz Post : Daydream



I went to France
Because I got a chance

I wake up at nine
It's a time fine

I would like some bread
With jam I spreaded

I would use my best shirt
That doesn't get any dirt

I'd like to go to the park
Where the dog bark

The day was sunny
Sweat as honey

I'd like to go to Spain
When it rain

I like to play
In the day

My meal would be popcorn
I like it since I was born  :D

Written by
Faiz Firdaus (9)



Ila Rizky said...

Waaah, semoga suatu saat Faiz bisa ke Paris ya, mak. Bareng emaknya juga. ;)

Ellys Utami said...

@Ila Rizky aamiinnnn.....
Emaknya sih mupeng abis.... hiihihihi....

Keke Naima said...

Keren ih Faiz. Berirama kata2nya :)

Ellys Utami said...

Terima kasih, PR sekolah ini mak Myra... :)

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