Sep 13, 2013


[Faiz Post] My Lost Friend


In a dark stormy night me and my friend were in a deep dark forest, looking for a treasure map. Suddenly our torch went off we were panic because we forgot the way back and we can't really see.
Later we saw an old box with a five torch around it. Then, we went across the pile of five torch but I felt a little chill. Cause when I turn around, a lots of bats were flapping their wings rapidly. But my friend just quickly took the box and we both ran away.

After that, we saw a house made out of wood. Then we went inside the house. The house were quite dark, 2 minutes later we open the box and it was the treasury map, diamonds and golds. Then we fall asleep.

After I wake up my friend was gone! and three pieces of paper were on the floor and it says,

"Faiz, could you please help me. I am at the jail, the witch have taken me last night. Look at the map and you'll see where the jail is, and i'm worried"
"Oh, I must help him! " I said to myself with a shock face.

Later on, I was making a sharp stick from the branches to protect myself. I rolled the treasure map and put it to my pocket. Later on I arrived at "The Land of the Demons" lots of wolf (wolves) were coming nearby. So, I fight them with my stick and each of them died with a blood everywhere.

After that, I went inside fortress of doom. No one was inside but suddenly a witch went pass me. I was coming after her and I was hungry and my stomach started making noise. The witch heard it, the witch said,"Who is there?"Loudy as she turned back and she said,

"It's okay. I won't hurt  you."
And I show up myself, she said,
"Who are you, what are you doing here?"
"I'm looking for my friend, he's stuck in the jail," I replied.

To be continued...

Written by Faiz (8 years)



Santi Dewi said...

Sepertinya ceritanya seru nih... :)

Ellys Utami said...

Sepertinya begitu mbak Santi, kita tunggu saja hehe...

Mudah2an si penulis segera melanjutkan cerita ini :D

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