Sep 4, 2014


Faiz Post : Wonderful Egypt


Egypt is very good to new comers, even though it often has lots of power cut, etc. Egypt has a lots of ancient stuff, sports club, shopping malls and stuff you might like.

Egypt has beautiful beaches and seas. The Read Sea is a perfect place for diving. The North Coast is a great place for photographs and swimming.

The shopping malls in Egypt is very awesome especially the one at new Cairo, named Cairo Festival. Every shop at Cairo Festival it almost the same in Europe. And there is still other shopping malls that you might like.

Egypt is known as home of the Pyramids. However there are still more ancient buildings but the Giza Pyramids is the most famous building in Egypt.

Egypt has many restaurant, not only Egyptians food. There are lots of international foods too, like French food, Lebanese food and others.

The school in Egypt is fantastic. Even though there are many Arabic/Egyptians school but it is still good. The International school in Egypt is great, cause they teach you brilliant stuff and languages.

Egypt has lots of golf course and golf for local tourism. People in Egypt mostly like golf. That's why they have lots of golf courses.

Nile is known of the widest river on earth. And there was a special boat called Christina and Felucca.
In Egypt, there are lots of sports club and courses for many sports you want to try. Wadi Degla is a very big sports club in Egypt.

Egypt has lots of shows, mostly everywhere. For example dancinf, playing music, etc. Egyptians people mostly like dancing than others.

In Egypt they have an old market named Khan el Khalili. It's basically a place for shopping old stuff or smoking shisha.

Pharaonic village is a location at downtown where you could see what the ancient people do and how they work.

Egypt has lots of community centres so tourist don't get confuse easily. For example, BCA, CSA, ACE, etc.

The sun very hot in Egypt so it's good for people who normally live in cold places. Because if they come to Egypt they can just relax the sun.

Khan Khalili Market

Red Sea



hana sugiharti said...

Pasirnya kayaknya sama, cuma pyramid sama Niel nya yang gak ada hehe

Doain aku ya Mak bisa kesana :D

Ellys Utami said...

Haiiii mak Hana... Long time no see.

Iya mak semoga Allah mewujudkan mimpi mak Hana mengunjungi negeri para nabi ini... Aamiiinn.

Eh tapi... di tengah padang pasir itu ada oase raksasanya lho mak. Pokoknya bikin takjub deh..

Lidya said...

Subhanallah hamparan pasir yang luas

Rahmawati Hasan said...

Assalamu'alaikum mba Ellys Utami seneng banget deh bisa baca blog kamu... masih di Egypt kah? Saya mau travel November ini in shaa Allah kalo boleh bantu guide saya :)
Salam kenal

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