Dec 12, 2014


[Faiz Post] My Autobiography


In 1997 my first sister was born, my mom and dad were so happy because it was their first child. She has a straight hair, she wasn't that tall. After a while my second sister was born. She was born in 2000. She likes to sing very much but not these days. In 2003 my mom accidently had a baby but she was sadly not alive. My dad carried her and than buried her near my house. 

Later I was born. I didn't have any hair until the age of 2. My first word was 'grandma' cause I thought my mom was my grandma :). Often I went to my grandma's house. I've been to a plane since was a baby.

In 2005 my dad went away to France. He went to the Eiffel tower with his friends. When he went back to Indonesia, he bought us lots of souvenirs and toy. And he bought my mom a silver-gold necklace.

After a while in 2006 we move house. Then I meet neighbour whom turns into my best friend. He is 2 years older than me but he is very kind. He had a little sister at the age of me. We live there for a couple years. Then I had kitten, I kept it until she is old.

In 2008 we went to Malaysia for 1-2 weeks. We went to a mountain and we went to a place like Disneyland but smaller. I went to a spaceship there and I saw an alien. We bought a lot of souvenirs and dolls.

In 2010 I went to Hong Kong with my family. We went there for 5 days. We went to Disneyland. I saw a massive castle with a Mickey Mouse painting in front of it. After that we went to a 4D cinema it was so fun we watched Donald duck. Lots of people in Hong Kong didn't understand English so we had to deal with it. At breakfast I ate noodle and soup at an Indonesian restaurant.

In 2011 we moved house but I often went to my old house. My old house is really close to my new house. After a few months we moved to Egypt. I got confused because it's the reverse driver seat. When I arrived at my house I was just amazed, because it was the best house we've ever had.

My mom likes to take pictures and travels. Then we went to Pyramid, I was shocked of how big it is. When I was small I used to think it was the size of a mall. After a week I went to MBIS, I was in year 3 that time. I didn't have any friends till William came, but he just went to school for a week and then he left forever. But Rei and Vivian came and became my friends.

After I finished year 4 I went back to Indonesia but realized there was going to be a revolution. We were supposed to come back at the 21st of August but my dad's company didn't let us because there was revolution.

But at January my dad's company let us go back to Egypt but my sister didn't want to go back because she got fewer friends in  Egypt but she got more friends in Indonesia. So I, my dad and my mom went back to Egypt. After we arrived in the airport the guy said, "You don't have enough visas." Then he took us to an office and I felt very scared because the office is like prison. But than we just passed it.

Then I came back to MBIS and stayed there until now on. I was in year 5 that time. At April we went to Cyprus and we went to lots of place. We stayed at house located in high ground. I slept at a bunk bed.

In year 6, I wore a tie and it was not nice :). On September my mom and dad left me to Hajj. I stayed with my dad's friends for 3 weeks. They were supposed to come at 18th of October but they delayed it  to the 19th of October. It was kind of hard to control myself without my mom and dad. When they came back, they bought me a watch and I was very happy :)

Faiz Ahmad Firdaus
(Year 6 JG MBIS)

With my sisters

With my neighbour and best friends in Indonesia
With my best friends in MBIS



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