Mar 22, 2015


[Faiz Post] Climate Change


A climate change is caused by pollution. When we use the car, the engine makes a gas called CO2.
The CO2 comes out from the exhaust pipe and floats onto the air. Because lots of people use car, lots of CO2 floats onto the air. 

When we leave the TV and lights on, it uses electricity. Electricity comes from power station and that makes lots of CO2. Airplanes make even more CO2 than cars.

There is lots of CO2 in the air, that it's covering us like a big blanket.  The CO2 can make the air too hot. Sometimes the ground gets too dry when there is not enough rain.

Sometimes the hot air makes big storm called cyclones. Cyclones make big waves that smash up coral reef. The sea could get too hot causing the coral reef die. The fish will not have any habitat and will go away.

We could keep the earth wonderful by using bicycle and turn off the TV and light when not used.

Faiz Firdaus
(6 JG)



Lidya - Mama Cal-Vin said...

siap mbak, akan selalu mematikan tv dan lampu jika tidak digunakan

Ellys Utami said...

Saya juga mbak walau juga suka lupa... hehehe..

Keke Naima said...

saya suka ngeri kalau denger perubahan iklim. Semakin ingin mendisiplinkan diri. Walopun masih suka lupa juga :)

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